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hiring a personal chef, personal chef cost, meal delivery, easy healthy meals, blue apron alternative, also hello fresh alternativ
hiring a personal chef, personal chef cost, meal delivery, easy healthy meals, blue apron alternative, also hello fresh alternativ


Why Is Sourcing So Important? It’s All About Taste and Your Health

Here at Gourmet To Go Culinary we’re committed to serving you gourmet food that has exquisite taste and is highly nutritious. That’s why we always start with the freshest organic ingredients - for the best flavor and nutrition. We use responsibly-raised products cultivated with regenerative farming methods and harvested at their peak. You can absolutely taste the difference, and we never compromise. 

Fortunately, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties are blessed with many wonderful farms that meet our rigorous standards. We have been sourcing from farmers and ranchers for 17 years. We’ve taken the time to get to know these farmers and their families and see how their animals are handled and fruits and vegetables are grown. This ensures the very highest quality flavor and nutrition in our personalized meals.

Why Does Sustainable Farming Produce More Nutritious Food?

Gourmet to Go Culinary became involved in regenerative farming early on. It’s a movement, a farming science, a philosophy, and a commitment to a better planet. Our partner farms take care to use methods that replenish the soil, air, and water, giving us nutrient-rich food. This is farming that’s synchronized with the natural cycles of our planet. Once we discovered the difference, we found our path to helping our clients lead better, healthier lives. This is our commitment to our clients.

We’ve gotten to know many of the farmers and ranchers in the area very well and have chosen our sourcing partners carefully. We work together with the same goal in mind – fresh, nutritious food on your table, helping to keep your family healthy and happy and experiencing the best life has to offer.

From Custom Meal Planning … to Healthy Meals Delivered

We’ll work closely with you to plan meals in line with preferences and dietary needs, always buying the best ingredients. We never shop for convenience; we take the time to get the very best. For us, this is a labor of love. We’re helping you save time, enjoy wonderful meals together, and discover what a difference healthy food makes. 

After many years of research and careful selection, we have established close relationships with the following vendors:

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