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Elevate your private dining experience with our

In-flight personalized catering service

Private Aviation Meal Service
for Monterey Regional & Jet West Airports, Monterey, Ca

 We provide gourmet in-flight catering services that accommodate:

• Any food allergies

• Any special dietary needs

• Personalized meals for each passenger

• Special requests and packaging

At Gourmet To Go Culinary, we source the best local, organic ingredients and we know they will be able to taste the difference.

Gourmet To Go In-flight Catering Features


Higher quality ingredients

Every dish starts with freshly harvested ingredients from organic farmers, fish that was caught in the Monterey Bay, and grass-fed beef, lamb and poultry from local, small American family ranches.


Expertly packaged for private air travel

We provide elevated in-flight cuisine that is expertly packaged and ready for aircraft where we know you often have limited storage and prep space.


Customized at an unmatched level

We customize every element of your in-flight menu to accommodate any food allergy, lifestyle, or dietary restrictions.



We hand-deliver every element to your preferred FBO before takeoff.

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Place Your Private Flight Order Below

Or please contact Chef Bourget At Gourmet To Go Culinary


We’ll contact you by phone when we’ve received your in-flight catering form below.  Any changes or cancellation of the in-flight menu order must also be submitted by email to the above address. Your in-flight catering will be confirmed only after we receive payment information. A confirmation will be sent back to you by our team.

Private Flight Catering Policy:

Payment is due in full if cancellations occur within 48 hours of service. No refund is available on orders of custom cakes, pastries, or specialty items not included on the in-flight catering menu. Any menu changes within 24 hours of delivery time will be considered on case-by-case basis and may not be able to be accommodated.

Please submit here

Once we receive your FORM we will call you back to clarify any questions and begin the process for ensuring you have the best in-flight catering experience!

Thanks for submitting!

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