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Meet Gourmet To Go Personal Chef Bourget

Gourmet to Go Personal Chef service is a sustainable service. We use the best ingredients available. We select organic poultry, grass fed/grass finished organic beef, pastured pork from select farms, sustainable fish in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and organic fruits and vegetables from farmer's markets and local farms. We recycle all containers, paper products, etc., and make only one trip to the market and your home for 20 meals in our low emissions Honda Element.


Chef Bourget is a member of the following organizations: United States Personal Chef Association and the President of the Bay Area Chapter of the USPCA. She is also a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Slow Food South Bay. Chef Bourget hasprepared meals for Debbie Reynolds and her band, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings and Andy & Eva Grove from Intel.


Chef Bourget lost her mother as a child. Her mission in life is to help people learn how to eat healthy in an effort to avoid disease and suffering from unhealthy food choices. 


Chef Bourget had to privilege of spending 6 years in the Rhineland Pfalz region of Germany. In addition to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computers Studies and Business, she also attending cooking classes in the United States and Europe. In 2002, Chef Bourget attended the United States Personal Chef Institute in 2002 and became a personal chef! She is former owner of A Way With Words and Design, a small marketing firm, and has had articles published in The Good Times, Gentry Magazine and California Bountiful Magazine. 


We studied various diets. They all lacked an emphasis on the actual ingredients to purchase and put in your food. In 2005, Chef Bourget discovered Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook designed after the research provided by Weston A. Price Foundation. This nutrient dense way of eating answered all the questions for Gourmet To Go. With this knowledge, the chefs at Gourmet To Go have been able to take any diet and support it with the properly sourced ingredients for every person they feed.

"We truly appreciated your sensitivity to our requirements, your professionalism and your ability to make things seem easy and do-able. And of course, the delicious food was a wonderful treat."


Eleanor Dickman, Cupertino 

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